Use of Reference Value Field in Transform Maps

We have gathered a few helpful and easy to remember tips which can help to avoid an unexpected result while using a transform map.
Whenever we are required to import the data through excel sheets, we use transform maps in order to map the columns appropriately and avoid the duplicate entries by using coalesce.
We need to be mindful of the below mentioned points while making a field coalesce true in a transform map:

  • By default, the supplied value gets compared with the value of that field of the table (table from where that data is coming) which has the display value set as true.
    For example: If I am supply the value for “Model” on alm_hardware then by default the supplied value will be compared with “Display name” of CMDB_MODEL table.
    This is because the “Display name” field has Display true for the “CMDB_MODEL” table from where the model information is derived.


Now what do we do if we want to use some other field value to compare instead of Display true field value?

For that you can use Reference value field name in Transform map:

Here you can specify the field name with which you want the supplied value to be compared. For example, if I want my supplied model value to be compared with “name” and not “display name” then in reference value I will give name field.


This is how you can use any field of your choice to compare the supplied value and let the coalesce work as expected.

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