Collaborate with us to efficiently monitor and oversee software licenses throughout your organization using a centralized platform. Streamline operations, ensure compliance, and align license usage with business requirements, leading to cost reduction and optimized utilization.

Ripton’s SAM Offering plays a crucial role in cost reduction and supports the strategic goals of C-level executives by ensuring that software investments are aligned with desired business outcomes.

We in Ripton help organizations in accurately identifying software entitlements, determining license usage, and identifying instances of over-purchasing that result in wasted resources and unnecessary expenses, including unused licenses and idle cloud resources .

SAM Module Expertise

Software Asset Workspace
SaaS License Management
License and Cloud cost simulator
Software Contract Management

Ripton SAM Offering helps you in


Cost Reduction

by identifying under utilized licenses


Simplify with one Platform

to track and manage all your enterprise softwares


Asset Management Executive Dashboard

to oversee software and cloud technology at executive level


Optimize Software Utilization

by identifying opportunities for software consolidation, standardization

With Ripton Solutions our Clients and Partners have experienced


cost saving on software license expenditure


increase in compliance rates


improved license utilization

Case Study

Unleashing Software Asset Management Success: Achieving Compliance, Efficiency, and Cost Savings for a Leading US Client – A Case Study with 30% Reduction in Costs

Our client, a prominent US-based company in the technology and manufacturing sector, faced significant challenges in effectively managing their software assets across their extensive operations. With a diverse range of software applications and licenses, they encountered difficulties in maintaining compliance, tracking usage, and optimizing costs. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive Software Asset Management (SAM) …