Enables organizations to effectively manage and optimize their hardware assets throughout their lifecycle. Streamline procurement, track inventory, and ensure compliance with Ripton’s comprehensive hardware asset management solution.

HAM Module Expertise

Hardware Asset Workspace
Hardware Normalization
Asset Lifecycle Automation
Return Merchandise Authorization
Asset Reservation
Asset On-boarding and Offboarding
Mobile Asset Receiving
Contract and Renewal Managemen

With Ripton HAM solution organization can expect:


Enhanced real-time visibility into their hardware asset inventory.


Improved Asset Tracking and reducing the risk of loss, theft, or unauthorized access.


Improved and Streamlined Procurement Processes resulting in reduced manual errors and delays, and ensures timely delivery of assets to end-users.


Optimized Asset Utilization and hence, avoiding over-provisioning or underutilization, and maximizing the return on investment.


Improvement in Regulatory Compliance and Risk Mitigation with reduced efforts.


Proactive Maintenance and Support for hardware assets.

With Ripton’s HAM Solutions our Clients have experienced:


Cost Savings of upto 20% on the annual hardware expenses


Savings of upto 10% on the IT Assets procurement cost

500 hours

Reduction in the Regulatory penalties and savings of up to 500 hours of effort to meet the Regulatory requirements


More than 25% improvement in Asset Utilization Rate

Case Study

Streamlining Hardware Asset Management in the Retail Industry: A Case Study on ServiceNow Implementation by Ripton Solutions for a Nordic Customer

Our client is a prominent retail business based in the Nordic region, specializing in providing a wide range of products to its customers. With a large and geographically dispersed IT infrastructure, managing hardware assets efficiently became a significant challenge for the organization. To address this, the client partnered with Ripton Solutions for the implementation of …