Client Background

Our client is a prominent Healthcare company based in the United States, which has operations in various cities. With a large workforce and complex IT infrastructure, the organisation faced challenges in managing support services efficiently. The manual, disparate systems led to slow response times, limited visibility into ticket status, and dissatisfied employees. To overcome these obstacles, our client decided to implement ServiceNow HRSD.

  • Client Challenges:
    • Overwhelmed HR team due to a high volume of employee support requests
    • Lack of a centralised system to track and manage HR issues
    • Inconsistent and delayed response times to employee inquiries
    • Difficulty in prioritising and escalating critical HR issues
    • Limited visibility into support ticket status and metrics

Ripton Solutions Solution

Rption Solutions helped clients by utilising ServiceNow HRSD support to address their HR service delivery challenges.

a. Case Resolution

Ripton Solution provided HRSD support that streamlined the handling of HR issues and support requests. It enabled employees to report problems, track their progress, and receive updates on their tickets. The system also facilitated the efficient assignment, escalation, and resolution of incidents by the HR team.

b. Strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence:

Ripton HRSD support adhered to SLA defined to ensure timely and consistent response times for employee inquiries. SLAs were defined for different types of HR issues, allowing the HR team to prioritize and address critical matters promptly. SLA tracking and reporting provided visibility into compliance and helped identify areas for improvement.

c. Knowledge Base

Ripton HRSD support facilitated the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base that housed HR-related articles, FAQs, and self-help resources. Employees could access this knowledge base to find answers to common queries and troubleshoot issues independently, reducing the reliance on HR staff for routine support.

d. Communication and Collaboration

Ripton HRSD support introduced communication and collaboration tools, such as chat functionality and email integration, to improve interactions between employees and the HR team. These tools enhanced communication efficiency, reduced response times, and allowed for better collaboration on issue resolution.

e. Reporting and Analytics

ServiceNow HRSD support provided robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling the HR team to track key metrics, measure performance, and identify trends. Data-driven insights helped in optimizing processes, identifying training needs, and making informed decisions to improve overall HR service delivery.

Results and Benefits

Improved Response Time

With the implementation of the help desk solution, XYZ Corporation witnessed a significant improvement in response times. The average time to resolve support tickets decreased by 40%, leading to enhanced employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

Streamlined Operations

The centralized ticket management system enabled efficient tracking and prioritization of support requests. This streamlined the workflow for the IT team, ensuring that issues were addressed in a timely manner and reducing the risk of overlooked or neglected requests.

Enhanced Employee Experience

The self-service knowledge base empowered employees to find solutions independently, reducing their dependency on the IT team for basic troubleshooting. This led to improved employee satisfaction and a sense of empowerment.

Cost Savings

By optimizing IT support processes, XYZ Corporation achieved cost savings in terms of reduced manpower requirements and minimise downtime. The streamlined operations allowed the IT team to allocate their resources more effectively, focusing on critical projects and strategic initiatives.

Long-Term Partnership

Throughout the engagement, Ripton Solutions established a strong and value-driven relationship with XYZ Corporation. Regular communication, proactive support, and continuous improvement initiatives further solidified the partnership, positioning Ripton Solutions as a trusted advisor and long-term partner.

By leveraging ServiceNow HRSD support, our client experienced improved issue resolution, enhanced employee satisfaction, and increased HR productivity.