Customer Background

Our Nordic customer, a leading technology company, operates across multiple regions and serves a diverse user base. With a complex IT infrastructure and a growing number of employees, they faced significant challenges in delivering an optimal user experience through their IT Helpdesk.

Challenges Faced

  • Fragmented User Experience: The customer's IT Helpdesk was comprised of multiple disjointed systems, resulting in a fragmented user experience and inefficient issue resolution. Users struggled to navigate through different platforms and channels, leading to frustration and productivity losses.
  • Lack of Self-Service Capabilities: The absence of self-service options hindered users from resolving common IT issues independently. This led to increased dependency on IT support resources and longer response times for critical incidents.
  • Inadequate Visibility and Tracking: The customer lacked a comprehensive system for tracking and managing IT incidents. This created difficulties in prioritizing and resolving user issues promptly, impacting overall service levels and user satisfaction.

Solution Implemented

Ripton Solutions, in collaboration with ServiceNow, implemented a robust IT Helpdesk solution to address the customer’s challenges and enhance the user experience.

Unified Service Portal

We integrated various IT support systems into a single, intuitive service portal. This streamlined the user experience by providing a centralized platform for users to submit requests, track progress, and access self-service knowledge articles.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

We developed a comprehensive self-service knowledge base that empowered users to troubleshoot common IT problems independently. This reduced the volume of IT support requests and accelerated incident resolution.

Incident Management Automation

By leveraging ServiceNow’s capabilities, we automated the incident management process. This included intelligent ticket routing, prioritization based on impact and urgency, and automated notifications to keep users informed about their ticket status.

Results / Benefits Perceived

Enhanced User Experience

The unified service portal and self-service capabilities significantly improved the user experience. Users found it easier to log incidents, track progress, and access self-help resources, resulting in increased satisfaction and productivity.

Faster Incident Resolution

Automated incident management processes and intelligent ticket routing reduced response and resolution times. Critical incidents were escalated and addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and business disruptions.

Improved Visibility and Tracking

The customer gained real-time visibility into their IT Helpdesk operations. Dashboards and reports provided insights into incident trends, service level performance, and user satisfaction, enabling proactive decision-making and continuous service improvement.

Cost and Resource Optimization

With self-service options and streamlined processes, the customer experienced a reduction in IT support requests and a more efficient allocation of resources. This led to cost savings and improved overall IT operational efficiency.


By partnering with Ripton Solutions and leveraging ServiceNow’s IT Helpdesk solution, our Nordic customer successfully overcame their primary challenge of enhancing user experience. The implementation of a unified service portal, self-service capabilities, and automated incident management processes resulted in a seamless, efficient, and user-centric IT support experience. The customer realized improved user satisfaction, faster incident resolution, enhanced visibility, and optimized IT resources, ultimately driving productivity and business growth.