Customer Background

Our Healthcare Client, a leading global healthcare provider, has been utilizing ServiceNow as their core IT service management platform for over a year. Seeking to optimize and enhance their ServiceNow operations, Our Healthcare Client partnered with Ripton Solutions for ServiceNow Support Services and Enhancements.

Challenges Faced

  • Support and Incident Management: Our Healthcare Client faced challenges in efficiently managing their highly customized ServiceNow instance, including handling incidents, service requests, and user inquiries. Their internal support team struggled to provide timely resolutions, leading to user dissatisfaction.
  • ServiceNow Enhancements: Our Healthcare Client desired to align their highly customized ServiceNow platform with out-of-the-box (OOB) features to streamline maintenance and future upgrades. However, the complexity of their customizations posed challenges in implementing these enhancements.

Solution Implemented

Ripton Solutions implemented a comprehensive support and enhancement plan to address Our Healthcare Client’s challenges. The following initiatives were undertaken:

ServiceNow Support Services

  • Ripton Solutions provided dedicated support services, assisting Our Healthcare Client in incident management, service request fulfillment, and user inquiries.
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting mechanisms were implemented to identify and address potential issues before they impacted operations.
  • A streamlined ticket management system was established to ensure efficient tracking and prioritization of support requests.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) were defined to ensure timely response and resolution of support tickets.
  • Continuous training and knowledge transfer were provided to Healthcare client support team to enhance their expertise.

ServiceNow Enhancements

  • Ripton Solutions conducted a thorough analysis of Our Healthcare Client requirements and current customizations to identify opportunities for aligning with OOB features.
  • Customizations were reviewed, and a strategy was developed to transition towards OOB functionalities wherever possible.
  • Comprehensive testing and validation processes were conducted to ensure a seamless transition and maintain system integrity.
  • Best practices and recommendations were provided to Our Healthcare Client on optimizing their workflows and processes using OOB features.
  • Regular collaboration and feedback sessions with Our Healthcare Client ensured successful implementation of enhancements.

Benefits perceived

Improved Support Efficiency

  • Ripton Solutions’ dedicated support team significantly reduced response and resolution times for incidents and service requests.
  • Our Healthcare Client experienced increased user satisfaction and productivity due to timely and effective support services.
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting mechanisms minimized system downtime and prevented critical issues

Streamlined and Aligned Enhancements

  • Our Healthcare Client highly customized ServiceNow platform was realigned with OOB features, reducing maintenance efforts and enhancing upgrade compatibility.
  • Customizations were optimized and transitioned, improving system stability and reducing the risk of compatibility issues during upgrades.
  • The utilization of OOB functionalities provided Our Healthcare Client with access to new features and capabilities introduced in ServiceNow updates.

Cost Optimization and Scalability:

  • Ripton Solutions’ support services reduced the burden on Our Healthcare Client internal resources, resulting in cost savings.
  • The flexible engagement model provided by Ripton Solutions allowed Our Healthcare Client to scale their support services as needed, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


For over a year, Ripton Solutions has been partnering with Our Healthcare Client, providing ServiceNow Support Services and Enhancements. Together, they have transformed Our Healthcare Client ServiceNow operations, improving support efficiency, aligning customizations with OOB features, and achieving cost optimization. The collaborative partnership has empowered Our Healthcare Client to drive operational excellence, deliver exceptional user experiences, and ensure their ServiceNow platform is aligned with industry best practices and future upgrades.